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Quality Without Compromise.

The Healthstart® Ultra Far Infrared Sauna range continues to lead the world in quality, price and technology.

With over 12 years in the Australian market, we understand the demand for a high quality crafted cabinet with attention to detail.

Healthstart® Ultra saunas use the renowned CarbonTech® far infrared heating panels. Incor­porating the worlds first SafeHeat® technology that produces the most consistent, reliable FIR heat with the lowest EMR/EMF results of any FIR carbon heater panels on the world market today.

Why Choose Healthstart Saunas

Quality Control

Healthstart® are 100% committed to provide superior quality products. Our manufacturing facility rigorously tests every sauna to meet the very high standards we demand. Our Managing Director, Shane Carrol also inspects every unit at our factory before loading. Shane is notorious for detail and is involved in all aspects of research, design and product development, so if any problems arise, they are rectified before production. All units are also inspected by an electrical safety board inspector before being shipped to us here in Brisbane - Australia.

We are the only sauna company to do this.

Australia Electrical Approvals

A crucial point when purchasing a far infrared sauna is it has up-to-date Australian Certification  AS/NZS 60335.2.53:2011

(Our certificate can be found here)

Healthstart Saunas Certificate No: SAA140231

All Healthstart Ultra Saunas Feature


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Panel Features

Our CARBONTECH® panels are comprised of heat thermostats that are calibrated to ensure continuous FIR heat at a lower surface temperature than other infrared sauna heaters.

The CARBONTECH® heating technology is the most consistent form of FIR emission allowing for a better performance within the 7-14 micron range.

The design of our Healthstart Far Infrared Saunas will ensure you are covered from head to toe with soft FIR heat while using less power than other FIR Saunas.

Healthstart® CarbonTech® EMR-SafeHeat® far infrared sauna panels are on average 25% more efficient at reach­ing temperature. This means much shorter warm-up time, greatly reduced running costs and in a sauna session your body core temperature will rise quicker.

At Healthstart® we believe it is very important that the heating panels have a protective thermal cover, particularly if young children are using the sauna to ensure total safety should you happen to touch a far infrared heater panel.

To this end, we have incor­porated our highest grade of non-toxic thermal material with vastly improved performance. We firmly believe that our far infrared heating panels are of such high quality that we now give them a True LIFETIME War­ranty for domestic/home sauna use.

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